Friday, November 18, 2016

Blindsided By Default

Have you ever been blindsided by default, is the question I've had for everyone I know as well as those that I don't every since the 2016 Elections in the United States of America. I have been trying to catch my breath every since that day because it was so unbelievable to most Americans regardless of their party affiliation. It was the most disturbing election that I have witnessed in my entire life of 60 years.  Even when we, the citizens of America elected the first black man, President Barack Obama to the Presidency it was not as divisive as this election. Actually the American people came together from all walks of life and cultures to make this historical moment a reality.

Looking back over this 2016 Election there is no way we will ever be able to tell the history of this event without saying that it was not about racism raising its ugly head once again in our history to say "It is alive and well in operation"...those of us in this country that have been at the forefront of the Race Unity work were not taken by surprise because we have been resurfacing this nations history every day through open discussions or just by the make up of our diverse families. Families all across this country that are made up by diversity are feeling the sting of this terrible disease. It has always been an open discussion in most of their homes due to daily conversations or assumptions by well meaning friends that thought they understood how they felt. No one can understand where they have never been. I can remember my grandchildren asking me questions about how people can have such hate because of the color of another's skin. I have tried to explain to them that there is no way they need to understand that kind of hate because it is based on the root of lies concerning the value or lack of value in equality between all cultures.

It is interesting that people want to believe that this is just like any other election and we will get over it in due time. However, a lot of people have been blindsided by default and are slowly waking up daily to the fact that just maybe, this was not just another election. I looked up the word default in order to understand what were they thinking...failure to act; inaction or neglect...yep, you read it right!

"Blindsided By Default" because they failed to act; because of their inaction or neglect to be responsible for protecting the rights of their children to be able to go to school without being bullied daily by tyrants. The bullies are allowed to do this by the establishment because they also was "blindsided by default" because they can't believe that other parents are teaching this nonsense in their homes. There are those of us out here that was NOT "Blindsided By Default" because we exercised our right to Vote against this kind of behavior. 

While those that were "Blinded By Default" slowly wake up, the rest of us will be still working on this Most Vital Challenge In America...The Healing of Racism by our actions... NOT neglecting to show up...we will be here when you are really ready To Make America Great Together!!!

Ask someone that knows...Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!! HUMANITY IS ONE...WE ARE ONE HUMAN FAMILY!!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Silent Cry

Sitting in the dark staring out seeing nothing... waiting for the flicker of light wishing and hoping that someone would hear my silent cry. I think about my hopeless moments the fact that you could not hear my cry and still I shout out in silence for anyone that will embrace me... anyone that will hear me... anyone that will really see me. Then you came along and I wonder am I a burden to you with my song...The lyrics are harsh but they are my realities. I know you hear me but it's impossible for you to feel me...yet I keep sharing the melody...the melody that is within my soul...the imprint that makes me feel as though I will never ever move forward. Will there ever be anyone that can really know what it feels like to be in this darkness. The very essence of my soul cries out...where will I go...who can really feel that darkness in my soul? Then there is light...the brightness that makes me smile. The question still lingers and there is a hole in my soul but you always reassure me that you're there... that you're listening and that you hear me...that brings joy to my heart to know that there is this darkness, hope...brings a tiny bit of light that makes my day seem a little brighter. There is hope and as long as I can maintain the understanding that hope will carry me one more day until eventually the pain will be less. I keep waking up in this darkness with that silent cry that through hope I will one day really see the light. The light will brighten up the darkness until my "Silent Cry" will become a "Beacon of Hope" for others as I am able to share my story, then others may be able to share theirs.

(This piece is dedicated to all the precious ones that have and are feeling pain from a traumatic experience in their lives. Suffering in the darkness with a silent voice has a debilitating effect on ones Soul growth and I hope that through my own sharing of writings it will encourage others to,"Rewrite Your Own Life Story". Constantly reliving the experience through replaying it out in your mind will keep one stuck in that moment. I would like to encourage others to write out your story and give the characters a different story line which will empower you to regain the fragments of your Soul, lost through the experience. Call the fragments of yourself "Home to your Soul" and slowly start the process of becoming whole again through the rewrite of your story toward a "New Beginning" and a continued journey towards brighter days! May Peace and Light lead you in the Process.)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Remembering A Great Brother...Truitt White

WOW...This kitchen has a few cob webs I discovered after checking in from a long break! One of my greatest passions has been on hold way too I have to even say what that passion is? Just like some of you out there...I went on the back burner...for a long simmer! I am after a very painful day of laying one of the greatest loves of my life to Beloved Sistah, Behin White along with her two beautiful children Ruha and Jamal today, with great dignity temporarily let their husband, father and best friend take spiritual flight! With the utmost respect and admiration I could not sleep without saying my proper farewell to my spiritual brother who always encouraged me to keep on writing and keeping it real! With that said, I just wanted to remember a conversation that he and I had out of grave concern that my biracial son not getting lost in a sea of darkness whereby the world that we live in is so full of hatred. For those that knew could always expect him to explain with things being "part of the process"...:-)! We talked a lot about realities...his, mine, others...spiritual and physical. Sometimes those of us that consider ourselves spiritual look to "The Word" for that guidance...on realities. However, much of the truth is in the Word...I would say that we "The World" are not there yet in understanding how to make our spiritual realities our physical realities. Mostly because we all are not on the same page much less the same book. With much patience, we will get there...One Day! So...I asked Truitt, being a young black man in Los Angeles with all the racial tensions then, how did you become the loving, caring, sympathetic, most diverse, slow to anger man I have ever known? I ask this question of Truitt after 15 years of him knowing my soul...respectfully,expecting that he would be totally open with me because he knew my heart and current situation after filling him in. My heart burst into tears when he began by beloved sistah, it is because of who you are that I will share with you my deepest thoughts. I will never forget that conversation that day and his most loving support that whatever painfully memories it may have brought for him, his deepest concern was for the well being of my son and my family that he shared his story with me. For whatever reason that GOD granted me the favor of knowing this great man I may never know but what I do know IS that this Man was another example of the Angels placed in our lives exactly when we need them! For those that I left hanging in suspense on our conversation...just let me say that one of the greatest gifts that he said we can give our children is...exposure to diversity at a very young age because the World is really "One Human Family" but until you can really see that up close it will never be Your Reality! He said that was the gift of the Baha'i Faith to him...One World...One Family...His Reality...even though we have a long way to greater place than right in the middle of "the work"...all "Part of the Process"! Thank you my brother...Truitt White (Behin, Ruha and Jamal...carry on the Legacy) Submitted 1/09/2014 11:30 pm

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Listening to the Life Class the other night about the issue of vulnerability reminded me of the importance of choosing wisely who deserves to experience your vulnerability. For example; The First Time...Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. How many times have we ever allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with one another when we share our stories about, The First Time? How was your First Time...Seriously! Now, we all know that for most of wasn't that great! I don't mean the story you told your partner or the story you told your best friend, your sister, your cousin or even your mama...when you thought you were old enough that you could keep it real! Now here lays the problem with not being vulnerable with the next generation of young sistahs as to the real story! As women trying to create authenticity with the next generation we have to be vulnerable in order for them to realize the importance of choosing wisely. It is time for us to open our hearts wide so that their experiences can be the best that they can be and if your story wasn't great...keep it real and share what maybe can be done differently but above all else...Keep It Real! What we want to do in sharing our vulnerability with our sistahs is to create a safe space to express the beauty of "The First Time", so don't try to sell the pipe dream. Instead, remind the young sistahs that by interviewing several and turning away many will help them to realize just how special they are and taking it slow will give them every opportunity to make their one and only "First Time", very special just like the very "Special Rose" that they are.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Watching out the window of the Photo Studio the tag on the front of the car had my favorite quote; "Be Still and Know that I Am God"! A smile formed across my face as I patiently waited on my daughter's arrival to take her family pictures. I had been thinking a lot about this quote recently due to the many exciting new events in our family of new arrivals. With another precious one on the way in our family I have been reflecting a lot of how powerful this quote is from the source of our very existance. This is a very intence statement that challenges everything in our busy world surrounding us and asks that we realize where we will find the Most Great Peace. Where is this stillness and how to get there is the question? When I realized that to experience this stillness takes more than just turning everything off, it was a great awakening. In beginning to appreciate this stillness I starting spending more time in nature and just focusing on the beauty of God in the most simple of lifes creation. When I began to experience God in the most simple smile and laughter of my grandchildren I started seeing the stillness of God within my very being. It has been through these simple "Aha moments", that I have began to appreciate this qoute even more. I wish this year, for all of you that I am able to share more in this reality so that I may serve up the great revelations that comes from being Still! May Peace come to you all and may the "Stillness of God", flow within your lives and experiences! Enjoy the serving up of lifes ingredients into your recipes!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recipes of Life for Wellness

I have been pondering the idea of bringing more to the table from the kitchen @ The Writers Cafe and that is why I haven't had as much time lately to blog. I would like to apologise to my readers and writers for the huge break in servings here, however, I promise that the waiting has been for a great cause. I have been investing myself into the health benefits of adding probiotics to my regime of wellness and it has been a true positive for me. I will be sharing the benefits at a later date. I encourage all my friends here at the cafe to share your new experiences as they unfold in your lives because we all benefit when we share. The country is acheing for more ways to maintain our personal health and wellness through our many options. I think you all know how I promote "Bottom Line Eccentials for Wellness", so chime in and let me know what you are doing. I am working with a new Radio Program at Blogtalk and getting the word out...I also am traveling with the Yoga programs. I hope all of you are taking great care of yourselves and enjoying your newfound recipes of life! I will be checking back in with you soon with more recipes of wellness! Namaste Friends!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's been a while since I've checked into my kitchen @ The Writers Cafe not for lack of anything to cook but out of sheer desperation for a new recipe with the outcome of a new experience.

For the past year I have been exploring the benefits of Yoga in my life...not the yoga that I see on every corner of America for exercise but the original experience of learning and practicing with a living Master. I have had that experience with partaking in the programs directed by a Living Master from India. The programs were directed by Sadhguru at the ashram in Tennessee and I experienced what I hoped for;an experience of a live transmission from a living Master. I have always wanted to just be in the Presence of a Living Master to experience what I have only imagined in my lifetime about spiritual practice;authenticity and realness about purpose in living.

This past year has caused me to question everything and it's purpose in my life. Several of the recipes in my kitchen for comfort are changing to a more natural approach.This part of my journey has been approaching me for a long time and now I understand what Sadhguru was talking about when he said that our Guru will find us simply by our desires rather than the other way around.

I am looking forward to the unfolding of my true talents that have laid latent within me for a lifetime.It is through the slow cooking processes of the great southern women I have known that I understand this part of my spiritual journey. I feel that the consistant practices that I have been given by my teacher, along with sincere purpose, will provide for me the most wonderful flavors just like what I have witnessed through my observations in my life with Master Chefs of the South. There are great mysteries to purposeful living and to recognize the purpose of the right specific mixture of ingredients toward a pleasurable experience is required for success. In sharing my recipes of life, I hope that others will do the same that we all may open to great possibilites.

The world we exist in today is calling all of us to give the most we can give to open the possibilities available to humanity. The giving of ourselves...our hearts and openness towards peace begins with the peace within ourselves to attain the peace we all desire outwardly. I hope all of you reach out in every possible way to find that peace for the sake of all humanity...I wish peace for you in your kitchens and ask that you share your recipes and ask the question..."What Now?"