Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Silent Cry

Sitting in the dark staring out seeing nothing... waiting for the flicker of light wishing and hoping that someone would hear my silent cry. I think about my hopeless moments the fact that you could not hear my cry and still I shout out in silence for anyone that will embrace me... anyone that will hear me... anyone that will really see me. Then you came along and I wonder am I a burden to you with my song...The lyrics are harsh but they are my realities. I know you hear me but it's impossible for you to feel me...yet I keep sharing the melody...the melody that is within my soul...the imprint that makes me feel as though I will never ever move forward. Will there ever be anyone that can really know what it feels like to be in this darkness. The very essence of my soul cries out...where will I go...who can really feel that darkness in my soul? Then there is light...the brightness that makes me smile. The question still lingers and there is a hole in my soul but you always reassure me that you're there... that you're listening and that you hear me...that brings joy to my heart to know that there is this darkness, hope...brings a tiny bit of light that makes my day seem a little brighter. There is hope and as long as I can maintain the understanding that hope will carry me one more day until eventually the pain will be less. I keep waking up in this darkness with that silent cry that through hope I will one day really see the light. The light will brighten up the darkness until my "Silent Cry" will become a "Beacon of Hope" for others as I am able to share my story, then others may be able to share theirs.

(This piece is dedicated to all the precious ones that have and are feeling pain from a traumatic experience in their lives. Suffering in the darkness with a silent voice has a debilitating effect on ones Soul growth and I hope that through my own sharing of writings it will encourage others to,"Rewrite Your Own Life Story". Constantly reliving the experience through replaying it out in your mind will keep one stuck in that moment. I would like to encourage others to write out your story and give the characters a different story line which will empower you to regain the fragments of your Soul, lost through the experience. Call the fragments of yourself "Home to your Soul" and slowly start the process of becoming whole again through the rewrite of your story toward a "New Beginning" and a continued journey towards brighter days! May Peace and Light lead you in the Process.)