Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Listening to the Life Class the other night about the issue of vulnerability reminded me of the importance of choosing wisely who deserves to experience your vulnerability. For example; The First Time...Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. How many times have we ever allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with one another when we share our stories about, The First Time? How was your First Time...Seriously! Now, we all know that for most of us...it wasn't that great! I don't mean the story you told your partner or the story you told your best friend, your sister, your cousin or even your mama...when you thought you were old enough that you could keep it real! Now here lays the problem with not being vulnerable with the next generation of young sistahs as to the real story! As women trying to create authenticity with the next generation we have to be vulnerable in order for them to realize the importance of choosing wisely. It is time for us to open our hearts wide so that their experiences can be the best that they can be and if your story wasn't great...keep it real and share what maybe can be done differently but above all else...Keep It Real! What we want to do in sharing our vulnerability with our sistahs is to create a safe space to express the beauty of "The First Time", so don't try to sell the pipe dream. Instead, remind the young sistahs that by interviewing several and turning away many will help them to realize just how special they are and taking it slow will give them every opportunity to make their one and only "First Time", very special just like the very "Special Rose" that they are.