Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I wish everyone could feel my face!! Now, don't everyone rush over to feel it, but it is beyond belief! I started using the new Glimpse Skin Care Nutrition the first day of Convention in Salt Lake City, Nov.10,2008. After the first day I was feeling something really different going on with my skin. It was magical, is the only word I can find to describe it! My skin hasn't felt this silky since I was 16!! You all that know me,knows that I work out in the elements as a Truck Driver. Of course, the softer side of me that has been a cosmotologist since 1981, zoomed in on this "all green" skin care nutrition because there has never been anything on the Market that can match this composition scientifically! I was so amazed when I read the medical research and even more amazed when I saw how this product was going to be marketed to the public!Wow!! This is unheard of in the Beauty Industry, because usually this kind of discovery is reserved for the "Rich and Famous" or overpriced to where the average citizen cannot afford it! I am so proud to be a part of this introduction to our general public and to be a part of the promotion for financual security to all who participate! This is so exciting and it couldn't come at a better time for the wellness of humanity and our economy.This is really the sharing of wealth because everybody wins in this distribution plan!!I want to invite everybody to share the excitment and let me feel your skins nutrition!
Check out : My Mangosteen link and you will see what all the excitment is about, along with how the chemicals in other products are killing us, literally!!


I can't explain the excitment from this XANGO Convention!! It was like I attended an International Convention among the Bahai's!! There was love , excitement, sharing, caring for other Nations, celebration for wellness, but most important was the United effort to Unite all nations to make a difference in the well being of others through nutrition and financual security!! I observed the making of 54 Millionnairs this year, walk across the stage within Xango( even in this economy!)!! What does this mean to me? One of the Founders explained it best, we must exceed all our expectations to better humanity!! It is through the success of our efforts that can better position us to affect all those that surround us!! For me to really understand this I have had to experience lack in my life due to the experiences in our economy to know that this is something I don't care to continue in,nor do I wish it for my friends and family! With what I witnessed XANGO doing around the world with it's profits, confirmed to me that I Am in the right place of alignment for my wellness!! I would like to encourage all of you to "catch this wave", with me as XANGO changes the world with it's uniting spirit .Check out the "all Green", products and the work of it's founders at: