Saturday, January 5, 2013


Watching out the window of the Photo Studio the tag on the front of the car had my favorite quote; "Be Still and Know that I Am God"! A smile formed across my face as I patiently waited on my daughter's arrival to take her family pictures. I had been thinking a lot about this quote recently due to the many exciting new events in our family of new arrivals. With another precious one on the way in our family I have been reflecting a lot of how powerful this quote is from the source of our very existance. This is a very intence statement that challenges everything in our busy world surrounding us and asks that we realize where we will find the Most Great Peace. Where is this stillness and how to get there is the question? When I realized that to experience this stillness takes more than just turning everything off, it was a great awakening. In beginning to appreciate this stillness I starting spending more time in nature and just focusing on the beauty of God in the most simple of lifes creation. When I began to experience God in the most simple smile and laughter of my grandchildren I started seeing the stillness of God within my very being. It has been through these simple "Aha moments", that I have began to appreciate this qoute even more. I wish this year, for all of you that I am able to share more in this reality so that I may serve up the great revelations that comes from being Still! May Peace come to you all and may the "Stillness of God", flow within your lives and experiences! Enjoy the serving up of lifes ingredients into your recipes!