Friday, September 9, 2011


This has been a Summer of great expectations! I have experienced the presence of a guru from India named Sadhguru. Being in his presence in McMinnville,Tenn where the Ashram is has been the experience of a lifetime. I have journeyed all over this country but nothing has met the experience of the realness of this Teacher. Oh yes, I can hear the voices already; she has lost it this time, however, I am not one to take this "Teacher" thing lightly!
For those that have known me, they know that I not only trust my intuition highly but I also do my homework. One of the things I like about Sadhguru is that he is upfront and real about "how to" get it! It is only by giving of yourself 100%(which is mostly what I have because it hasn't been finances this go around) into anything, that you will get your desired results. I have always known that when you sit on the bleechers watching the game, it is no where like being in the game as a participant. When you are actively involved it does take you away from the distractions of the goal.Even though you may want to win the game it isn't about the game. How you play the game to win is the mystery of winning because you have won when you participated. This is something I've always shared with my children...just play the game I will be your biggest cheerleader because I understand the power of actively playing. As a child my mother and I were always just trying to survive. There was no time to play and that is why it has been a tough road for me to see the value in playing. I think a lot of people are that way in our materialistic society, of course, how else could you pay for all our "toys"? The "toys" aren't the's the value we place on them in our lives and our obcession with them. When we have no time for joy, play and rejuvination then we are out of the delicate balance of wellness. When the di-ease of your body trys to alert you with the aches and pains to change direction are you too committed to the goal at hand or can you shift is the question? I've learned this summer that the shift may be the answer to many alerts I've been given to do more than just survive. With all the experiences I've had in my participation at Isha I am excited to welcome Sadhguru back to America that I may have the honor once again to be "In His Presence".

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Woman's View on Government Shutdown

Today I decided to chime in on another attempt of government to make a decision based on a few people's views (mostly men) about what they feel is the best interest of the country as to how our (my) tax dollars should be spent. Along with this decision they are willing to create more costly expences on our now recovering economy to satisfy their ego's based on a religious view of abortion.

Their lack of a bigger view of Planned Parenthood just troubles me because not one single man can experience the ramifications of giving birth to an unplanned pregnacy or delivery of a child that is not supported or wanted by it's mother. This is a view that is shared by a lot of women that can afford an abortion and would like other women that may not be offered the same choice. The reason a lot of women do not speak out is because it is a personal choice that can label one as heartless which is far from the truth. One's religious view about the subject is a freedom that we are afforded in this country and now is the best time that women can step out on their views as to how our tax monies should be best spent to serve all women regardless to their understandings or experiences.

It is time for the women of our country to speak out to stop the rediculous ramblings of government as to what rights we should be afforded through how our tax dollars are spent. This is an issue that pertains to the rights of every woman and that battle is part of our ancestry sacrifices of the brave women before us. We are the Masters of our body and our choices, not government. Just as all the other tax monies spent without our support or approval, this is just one more that is directed clearly at us and used by religous leaders to force women into submission to their rule.

I say it is time for the muzzel to be removed from all women, to be heard concerning the rights that have been afforded us through the sacrifice of others regardless to our financual standing. This is the hour that all women can make a stand to go forward by being heard and to unite to lift our voices together. Stand women...lift your voices to the Unity call of equal rights for all women to have choices. This is a call about opportunity...not right of life! Life is never-ending but opportunity can dissapper at the hands of a few when you allow it!

Now is the time to unite for opportunity to never be removed. Don't allow the smokescreen to blind your view as to what is the real issue. We shall not be blinded or used by the few we have placed into office to decide our fate without a good fight. Stand and be recognized...let those you supported hear your voice!!

I looked up the definition to government in order to understand who should decide what is right for the individual and that clearly helped me to decide...Me!

Main Entry:gov*ern*ment

1 : authoritative direction or control : RULE
2 : the making of policy
3 : the organization or agency through which a political unit exercises authority
4 : the complex of institutions, laws, and customs through which a political unit is governed
5 : the governing body
–gov*ern*men*tal \*g*-v*rn-*ment-*l\ adjective

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Then The Whole World Shifted

I could never have imagined that my life would change in such a way that I couldn't find words to describe the experience. It all began when I typed "yoga" into my Google search engine. I've always been the person that aspired to the saying; "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Mysteriously, the Indian Mystic, Sadhguru and his online Inner Engineering program came to my attention.

I have always been attracted to India and all her wonderful spiritual diversity. It has always amazed me that so many different viewpoints of spirituality can exist in one place and have such respect for one another. We cannot even master that in America in my opinion. We have a tendency to have to be right over the others in our society if it doesn't sound like Christianity and that has never sat right with me. Out of my respect for India and her history to expand I decided to investigate Sadhguru's vision for humanities expansion in the area of Inner Engineering through the path of yoga.

In my investigation through taking the online program I was amazed at the discoveries I was making within my own self. Sadhguru invited me metaphorically to get on the bus to enjoy the view from his perspective. I have to say that for me that was a challenge because I had to discern was he asking me to give up my "drivers seat". That had been the test in every religion I had investigated in this country led by men, soooo, was this going to be one more disappointment for me from my favored country, India. I decided not to pass a judgement until I looked upon his request with fresh eyes and experienced what he was saying. After taking a ride on this bus for a moment through the program, I'm beginning to relinquish my drivers seat long enough to see things from different viewpoints, however, the drivers seat is the best advantage point from my experience to see the "Big Picture".

After the online program with Sadhguru I decided to go to the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences in McMinnville, Tn. There was another program offered from the online program that I wanted to take at Isha. When I arrived on this beautiful mountain top of the spectacular Cumberland Plateau with it's setting of 1200 acres of beautiful forest land I had to take a step back to catch my breath. It was unbelievable that my whole life had come to this point...on this mountaintop. From this point everything takes on a different perspective. To come to a different perspective would not come from this trip, this was only the beginning. This was just my initiation into yoga and to learn that it was much more than an exercise, which is what I got from the American perspective. It was not until my next visit at Isha in Tennessee on January 23,2011 when I personally saw Sadhguru at Darshan that I realized just how much "keeping it real" has always meant to me. Sadhguru truly must have found me out of my own desires to meet a teacher that would keep it real.

I have to say that after seeing Sadhguru on Isha's campus doing the work that needs to be done to bring his vision to fruition and receiving Darshan that evening with him...then the whole world shifted!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Question...Religious or Enlightened?

Recently I've pondered the question for I want to be considered religious or enlightened? The answer for me leads to another be accepted or not within certain groups of thought.

I have pondered through the many paths of discovery on my spiritual journey as to how I identify myself and how others choose to recognize me. In this quest for my own truth I have become less and less identified with any one label. The more I step back away from the group analogy, I ponder more independantly. Personal investigation of truth for me has led me down many of the old trails of religious persuasion to be a part of one way of thinking or another. I have learned that thoughts are a powerful and controlling thing. The next question is...what conclusion do I want to be led by? The challenge for me is; to understand which thoughts are authentically mine and which ones are the shared manifestations of anothers dream. Am I having a shared experience of someone else's dream or am I my own dream manifestation? Do I want to religiously follow the steps of another or do I want to experience the unlimited myself?

The question that follows that thought is; what does it mean to be enlightened and can I get there? I've pondered certain statements over the years that convinces me that others also must have felt these same uncertainties. Statements like:

"To Be or Not to Be..."
"Many are called...Few are chosen" (or maybe few choose?)
"Be true to thine own self..."
"Ruin is the road to transformation..."

These words are just a few of many that have crossed my path to cause me to step back and question the idea of following anything religiously. I have had a drive and thrist all my life to touch the unlimited understanding that we all have equal access to the enlightened state of being. I also feel within my heart that there is no single instruction of how to get there because we all are unique and gifted individually. We all can be still in the presence of "Source" to recognize truth, is my understanding. The very essence of our existence is truth itself.

I don't think I am alone in this pondering of these questions and I think that is why today we all are evolving towards the destiny of enlightenment at a rapid speed. As to how and when we will know it, is all in the choosing to be in the very moment of all that there itself is all there is and to detach from the illusion of what seperates us will bring us into who we really are. Life leads us to another question?