Friday, November 18, 2016

Blindsided By Default

Have you ever been blindsided by default, is the question I've had for everyone I know as well as those that I don't every since the 2016 Elections in the United States of America. I have been trying to catch my breath every since that day because it was so unbelievable to most Americans regardless of their party affiliation. It was the most disturbing election that I have witnessed in my entire life of 60 years.  Even when we, the citizens of America elected the first black man, President Barack Obama to the Presidency it was not as divisive as this election. Actually the American people came together from all walks of life and cultures to make this historical moment a reality.

Looking back over this 2016 Election there is no way we will ever be able to tell the history of this event without saying that it was not about racism raising its ugly head once again in our history to say "It is alive and well in operation"...those of us in this country that have been at the forefront of the Race Unity work were not taken by surprise because we have been resurfacing this nations history every day through open discussions or just by the make up of our diverse families. Families all across this country that are made up by diversity are feeling the sting of this terrible disease. It has always been an open discussion in most of their homes due to daily conversations or assumptions by well meaning friends that thought they understood how they felt. No one can understand where they have never been. I can remember my grandchildren asking me questions about how people can have such hate because of the color of another's skin. I have tried to explain to them that there is no way they need to understand that kind of hate because it is based on the root of lies concerning the value or lack of value in equality between all cultures.

It is interesting that people want to believe that this is just like any other election and we will get over it in due time. However, a lot of people have been blindsided by default and are slowly waking up daily to the fact that just maybe, this was not just another election. I looked up the word default in order to understand what were they thinking...failure to act; inaction or neglect...yep, you read it right!

"Blindsided By Default" because they failed to act; because of their inaction or neglect to be responsible for protecting the rights of their children to be able to go to school without being bullied daily by tyrants. The bullies are allowed to do this by the establishment because they also was "blindsided by default" because they can't believe that other parents are teaching this nonsense in their homes. There are those of us out here that was NOT "Blindsided By Default" because we exercised our right to Vote against this kind of behavior. 

While those that were "Blinded By Default" slowly wake up, the rest of us will be still working on this Most Vital Challenge In America...The Healing of Racism by our actions... NOT neglecting to show up...we will be here when you are really ready To Make America Great Together!!!

Ask someone that knows...Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!! HUMANITY IS ONE...WE ARE ONE HUMAN FAMILY!!