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I was studying an article on thinning hair, well of course because it is an issue close to home :) however as I read through the article I realized why I left the Beauty Industry. As much as I enjoyed making women feel beautiful outwardly, I was very interested in her inner self, which by the way is the true beauty of a woman. I was at the time on my own personal quest for the answers to life and where the true joy was in life when I discovered that being true to myself didn’t require me to lie to others by doing to them what I knew to be harmful. I can’t put it into words but I just stopped without really having a plan of what to do next. People weren’t really ready to give up the lies in exchange for what was the option. I think I was in that group too. Could I continue doing what I was doing without informing my clients of what was in their best interest? Could I jeopardize my revenue in their best interest? It was a difficult decision that changed my life and my families forever but it put me personally on a quest towards a better me and tremendous challenges to be true to myself at great costs. I am grateful that my family still loves me and they have become beautiful people in spite of everything by the grace of God! I am grateful now to discover that just making that choice has put me in position to discover I spared myself the misery of knowing I contributed to the lack of wellness to many women because of my desire to be successful financially. Now I can speak from a professional perspective that, as women we have to ask ourselves if we are really willing to die for beauty, literally. We have to personally research our journey in wellness for ourselves and our families. We are the first teachers to the next generation; ask yourself, what kind of teacher will you be? What will you pass on, tradition or knowledge based on research findings? It is time for women to take their rightful place in our society; at the right hand of our all intuitiveness (link to all knowledge, All Powerful, All- Knowing source of the Universe, by your choice of Names) and make the difference in someone’s life! Let it begin with me and maybe you can Glimpse into your future!
I am proud to represent this product line, professionally because Xango with Beverly Hollister’s leadership and passion has driven the science behind it towards a great result making differences in people’s lives, men and women. This product is revolutionizing how we approach our personal care items in our homes and affecting the wellness of our families literally through our biggest organ, our Skin!! I encourage you to take a serious look at this product and its magnificent ability to change your skin in more ways than imaginable. Listen to what you are reading in journals and News Broadcasts concerning toxic levels in the products in your homes affecting your wellness every day. Do you experience headaches, blurriness, asthma, depression, diarrhea, auto immune conditions, hormone imbalances, etc… these conditions are just a few to cause concern leading to greater challenges in health. Start checking the labels in your medicine cabinets, your skin care products, personal care products, household products and you will discover the links to your health concerns. Don’t let conveniences and image cost you your health and wellness. This is one of the areas that you still have choices to make that can affect the outcome of your families’ wellness. I am with all of you in this journey so, feel free to call or email me if I can come to your home and share a skin nutritional class with you and four of your friends for about 45 min. Be aware and chemical free in your choices towards great health. Much love to all of you.
Brenda Williams

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Thinning Hair in Women: Warning Sign of Underlying Health Issues

Author: Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor

Hair products containing toxic chemicals promote hair loss

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the dominant ingredient in almost all shampoos sold in traditional outlets such as supermarkets, drugstores and discount centers. In addition to having toxic effects on your immune system, SLS has been shown to corrode hair follicles and impede hair growth. It has been blamed for many cases of hair loss. The Material Safety Data Sheet provided by the U.S. government says exposure to SLS can lead to burning, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting. The American College of Toxicology says SLS stays in the body for up to five days and maintains residual levels in the heart, liver, brain, and lungs.

Over-treated hair is another cause of hair loss in women. Hair dyes, permanents, and relaxers do serious damage to the hair and scalp whether they contain lye or not. They are made with toxic chemicals that must be detoxified by the liver, and are identified by the immune system as foreign invaders. Thus health of the liver and the immune system are compromised by use of these products. When the liver is busy trying to detoxify an onslaught of foreign chemicals, estrogen metabolism may not be properly completed and breast cancer may be promoted. An immune system busy fighting off an invasion of foreign chemicals may not be able to prevent infection or identify and destroy abberant cells. Damage from dyes and relaxers can only heal when those potions are no longer used on the hair.

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