Sunday, March 15, 2009


Everybody has been asking me when are you going to finish that book and when are you going to let us hear it! So what I have decided to do like any good cook is to let you test taste a spoonful. So here it is…

The discovery of the secrets that had been held in our family for so long always carried the shadows in to my aunties stories that always made me wonder were they real or were they fiction? Auntie always said that a good writer would leave you wondering. Heading into the kitchen to put on a pot of water for hot tea, I reflected on my day. I don't believe it could have been a more empowering day if I had planned it myself. Of course I was resolved to know that it was completely out of my hands at this point. Maybe those books I have been reading lately about the Law of Attraction have more validity to them than I realized. After all I did come back to this small town with thoughts about what I wanted rather than what I didn't want. I think the author referred to that as deliberate thinking or invisioning. You know, (thinking to myself) just maybe, it's true that the teacher appears when the student is ready. Wow, maybe I can turn aunties book into a tool to help others with understanding this Law of Attraction. The more mom and her sister held on to their old stories, the more they got of what they did not want and the story just kept growing. You know what, that could become generational and it kind of proves itself through our family story but now I can tell a new story, my way, with new spices. (Laughing to myself) I’ll have to balance my spices between the hot, sweet and bitter to get my points across. Sierra is very good with her gift through her art. Just maybe this little sleepy town bordering Charleston is ready for some spices. We shall see! Looking out the kitchen window and sipping on my tea, I just exhale while I look at the beautiful colors across the sky with deep russet oranges from the sunset. I don't think this could be a more beautiful moment with the exception of hearing the beautiful laughter of two wonderful women in this kitchen that molded my life into what it is now, forever more. Reflecting back, how I wish that they were still here now!

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Vanessa Mebane-Adebowale said...

Well, Well you have finally given me a taste of your wonderful and mysterious book. I love what I have read so far and can't wait until it is complete. God bless you and continue to keep up a wonderful and inspiring job for we love you so much for the inspiration that you give everyday of your wonderful and joyful life.
love always