Friday, February 12, 2010

For the Love of My Cat..."Spirit"

When my daughter told me her story of her cat "Spirit" crossing over I encouraged her to share this story with the world because I just knew that it would touch so many "Souls". I always ask others to share their "recipes of life" with others so that it can carry us all over the threshold of sharing so as to connect our souls to one another. We all are only one story away from one another...please share your threads of life to this wonderful Web of Light:

Kisha's Story:

ok so here goes the story...I got up as usual....Jasmine and I en route to school and work....when I noticed a cat in the turning lane ...dead...omg's my cat, Spirit...Jasmine sees Spirit lying lifeless...she immediately goes into denial..."that's not him" she keeps saying...we get to her school...she you are going back to ck right? txt me and tell me..ok?...this is my daughter ...I didn't want to break her heart, but said ok baby...I went back to the spot where my beloved cat of over 12yrs laid lifeless...I went back to the truck got my black ski jacket and a shirt I had n the truck...wrapped him(Spirit, the cat) inside...cried and saying prayers as I put him in the truck...upset and stressed...drove to my job...walked up to the office and told my boss and coworkers what happened....I was a me...Melissa said.. go take care of your family...I never buried a animal before and not one I loved I went to the only person I knew who could help me in this cuz Colleen...crying ...I told her everything...I moved my cat to the back seat..she got her shovel and we went to my house...she dug a hole ..while I prayed over my cat some more..then I went out and cleared out the hole from roots,debris...just making sure Spirit would be comfortable you know...then we buried him...I took her home...called my job and gave an update...went and got Jasmine out of school to break the news to her..she knew and fell silent...we went to Lowe's and got some planters to mark the spot...went home ..talked ..cried..then a couple hrs went by ..I'm on the ph with my friend Shannon when I hear my cat say MEOW...I told my friend maybe it wasn't a good idea to bury my cat so close by..then I heard it again..oh yeah..I have two cats by the then I realized it was my other cat I went to let him in...opened the door and there was my cat, Spirit!!!!! I buried the wrong cat!!!!

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