Friday, January 10, 2014

Remembering A Great Brother...Truitt White

WOW...This kitchen has a few cob webs I discovered after checking in from a long break! One of my greatest passions has been on hold way too I have to even say what that passion is? Just like some of you out there...I went on the back burner...for a long simmer! I am after a very painful day of laying one of the greatest loves of my life to Beloved Sistah, Behin White along with her two beautiful children Ruha and Jamal today, with great dignity temporarily let their husband, father and best friend take spiritual flight! With the utmost respect and admiration I could not sleep without saying my proper farewell to my spiritual brother who always encouraged me to keep on writing and keeping it real! With that said, I just wanted to remember a conversation that he and I had out of grave concern that my biracial son not getting lost in a sea of darkness whereby the world that we live in is so full of hatred. For those that knew could always expect him to explain with things being "part of the process"...:-)! We talked a lot about realities...his, mine, others...spiritual and physical. Sometimes those of us that consider ourselves spiritual look to "The Word" for that guidance...on realities. However, much of the truth is in the Word...I would say that we "The World" are not there yet in understanding how to make our spiritual realities our physical realities. Mostly because we all are not on the same page much less the same book. With much patience, we will get there...One Day! So...I asked Truitt, being a young black man in Los Angeles with all the racial tensions then, how did you become the loving, caring, sympathetic, most diverse, slow to anger man I have ever known? I ask this question of Truitt after 15 years of him knowing my soul...respectfully,expecting that he would be totally open with me because he knew my heart and current situation after filling him in. My heart burst into tears when he began by beloved sistah, it is because of who you are that I will share with you my deepest thoughts. I will never forget that conversation that day and his most loving support that whatever painfully memories it may have brought for him, his deepest concern was for the well being of my son and my family that he shared his story with me. For whatever reason that GOD granted me the favor of knowing this great man I may never know but what I do know IS that this Man was another example of the Angels placed in our lives exactly when we need them! For those that I left hanging in suspense on our conversation...just let me say that one of the greatest gifts that he said we can give our children is...exposure to diversity at a very young age because the World is really "One Human Family" but until you can really see that up close it will never be Your Reality! He said that was the gift of the Baha'i Faith to him...One World...One Family...His Reality...even though we have a long way to greater place than right in the middle of "the work"...all "Part of the Process"! Thank you my brother...Truitt White (Behin, Ruha and Jamal...carry on the Legacy) Submitted 1/09/2014 11:30 pm

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Anonymous said...

You can call him up and talk to him as often as you wish for now his spirit is not constrained by time or work or ALL the limitations of this plane of existence. Have conversations galore, my Gol-e-Rowhani! (he is waiting to hear from you :)