Monday, March 3, 2008

There Are Those That Just Don't Believe S!#T Stinks!

My experience has taught me that “shock treatment” will get someone's attention. That is what the title of this piece was intended to do; did it get your attention? If so, let's move on!

I don't know how many times I have heard this phrase before, but when I heard it nicely stated in a Sunday morning service, it was quite humorous. “There are some people that just don't believe poop stinks!” This analogy was used in the essence of understanding God's timing, how appropriate! Using the analogy of David having to spend years in the caves smelling other people's poop until his destined time to step into his called role, really drove home the message of God's timing for me.

I know I have spent well over 35 years smelling other people's poop; while God has been patiently preparing me to just be bold and blazing while following through on my guidance from the sacred feminine side of my being. It is not always an easy task to be true to myself, first in listening to my voice, then to truly hear it and lastly, but not least, to follow through. To hear my voice creates the challenge to not allow doubt to question its authenticity. To learn how to trust myself has been a journey in learning to trust God, where She truly lys within me.

There are not a lot of people I come in contact with daily that can appreciate an attitude of being audacious. For a woman to be assertive or audacious is misinterpreted as being egotistical or bossy, however, if she does not stand up for what she knows to be true within her own knowingness, she betrays the guidance from within herself. Self betrayal for me is the worst kind of betrayal, because it is the one you live closest to and constantly are reminded of.

This society has so many double standards that we catch ourselves showing up with traces of it in our own actions. When the red flag goes up, its time to do some cleanup work. The process can be slow and very tedious, especially when we have just floated along the shore thinking that we were not infected at all because we were a little off shore. It takes going out completely in the middle of the ocean, where no land or rescue is visible, to realize how much we need to immerse ourselves into gods ever- loving embrace to see our true selves evolve away from the sludge which we’ve been drifting in near the shore. It's very hard to avoid the residue when we all grew up from the same sewage of humanity's waste product of force fed theologies, only to regurgitate it back onto Earths floor because of its un-digestible dead matter. I do feel that as long as people are continually fed dead food, they will remain dead themselves until they have a desire to live and demand something different. I also feel and believe that in a dead state, you can not smell your own poop, much less anyone else's. Being stagnant will move you or kill you, the choice is individual, then it moves the World!

I realize that every moment I have spent smelling other peoples “poop”, I have spent smelling my own as well. We all have flourished from the same garbage dump, but I also realize that even in the murkiest waters, the sacred flower, the “Lotus” has blossomed. I am grateful for my survival, and I am grateful to the ones that are not afraid to put a little fire under my seat when I get a little constipated. There is nothing worse for the mind, body or soul than getting clogged up. So, if someone wishes to stop smelling the funk, I guess we need to get off the pot and do something about staying clear that timing, can mean everything in the bigger picture.

I am firmly convinced that poop stinks, and no amount of cleaning it up (sprays, candles, etc…) is going to tempt me into tolerating it in my life. That is why it is always wise to pay attention to the timing of when you need an overhaul cleansing.

For a student that can truly appreciate a good lesson plan, I am grateful when a teacher takes the time to observe her audience and follows through as her inner guidance guides her in blazing the trail for others! For me, this is the ultimate gift of being used at our greatest capacity. When there is resistance to exercise our latent muscles it is a sure sign that it is time! It is true submission to our higher calling, and God's timing, when we choose to hear and submit.

Just remember, the seed that is the latent within the most potent manure, brings forth a beautiful flower, with lots of water and wonderful sunshine (Light)!

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Anonymous said...

I am imspired every time I read one of your entries. I, myself, had been constipated for about a month, a combination of a lot of things.After watching one of Oprah's shows last week, my constipation turned to diarrhea and now I am regular again.I started cleansing my soul by writing story after story, it is so healing to "get it out" and onto paper. Thank you for inspiring me. Pam