Thursday, February 14, 2008


What it means for a woman to lose her home, I think it's very different than it is to a man. The attachment is very different. The home for a woman is a womb of protection. This is the secret place where she locks herself away from the chaos of the world. This is the place of her true identity. Within the walls of her home lye little segments of herself that reveal her sacred feminine, which is safely protected.

When a woman becomes settled within her home, she starts to allow herself to unwind the layers of the sacred feminine to reveal her innermost desires. Through the colors, pictures, foods, furniture, arrangements of art, her writing, her music and the entertainment of memories created with family and friends, she expresses parts of herself that may not be seen anywhere else.

For a woman to lose her home, it creates a disturbance that stirs the waters within the depths of her soul. In her head she can be at terms with this shift, but in her heart, there is a war going on, that even she can't wrap herself around. Especially if it is an intrusion of an event she had no choice or control in, she fights with the inevitable. Be it natural disaster, companies closing, relocations, divorce, death, they all have an unnerving effect on the woman's psyche, because her home is not just a possession for the highest bidder. Going out into the unknown is a risk and fear of survival. It doesn't matter how much experience, a woman has with the nomad life. She still dreads the unknown.

What could this mean and represent for the spiritual life of a woman's spirit, I would ask myself? The unknown… “to find the light… you must reach into the darkness.”(elayne)
To lose oneself is like losing their soul, and to regain it would mean going into the darkness to discover within ones fears, where the light (truth) resides.

Looking at these things in retrospect, for one, could mean that a woman could hide her true self behind the possessions and distractions of her home. If all of these things are removed she would be forced to swim or drown. Life is full of changes, and when we can learn to just ride the wave of change effortlessly we can come out with less scarring and reap the benefits from the journey.

Life is still an adventure, no matter what the experience, so, for all my sisters out there that may be riding the wave, hold on, and may you have a graceful landing. May we all keep each other in thought and prayer. It is through our connectedness that we steal rise!

I dedicate this piece to V-Day all over the world but especially to V-Day in New Orleans! Sacredflower

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