Sunday, May 4, 2008


A young woman said to my daughter once, “Don’t you want to do more in life than just survive?” It is my opinion that there are not enough women in the world that truly appreciate the “art of survival”. To demean this skill shows a lack of wisdom in this materialistic society that we as women have to survive in today. To not teach our daughters this skill first in life and to understand their priorities before their eye of window-shopping develops, will cause their a#* to overgrow their pocketbook. This in turn will cause them to crash and burn without a life jacket.

The women in our family came from a long line of survivors and my experience with some of my well-to-do girlfriends is that they haven't had to really survive anything. Only to exchange their addresses was the real challenge in a life changing experience.

There is an art to surviving gracefully. Getting through the storm while holding up your head without too many scars takes a lot of patience and tenacity, courage, strong will, a strong faith, ability to believe when there is no light in view, creativeness, to be gutsy, experience, to be able to plan and work your plan(scheming), to be able to fly, vision, positive self-esteem fueled from within, a connection to your goddesses (even when you don't know it), to know that the final word doesn’t lay within how much money you have or see in view, to know that what is yours no one can take it from you, to know that She(God) always has your back, to let God do her work and you do yours (follow thru).

Yes, these abilities are not to be taken lightly, but to know that it comes from good teachers (role models) and practice. It is not a skill that money or degrees can buy or replace.

So, I can say to my daughters, be proud, you had good teachers and tell your friends that survival skills for a woman are the most highly acclaimed skills to be in possession of. Everything else, comes in due time with patience and remember when everyone else falls, a well prepared woman will be left standing. She will always rise and survive!!

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