Monday, September 1, 2008


WOW!! It's beginning Fall already, where has time went? We all have been enjoying Summer and now we are breezing into Fall. I have been reminded to enjoy my youth and now I have to remember that September is a time of new resolutions as Summer's lighthearted serenade ends. The beginning of the year has been our planting time, so maybe our havesting time will be great. Let's get in our kitchens and see what kind of recipes we can conjure up for all to enjoy. I am looking forward to a delightful testing of the new adventures we have experienced these last few months. Let the cooking begin!! Happy Seasoning, Sacredflower

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LariceyArtLady said...

yo yo soul sistah, being for real, talk about loopdy loops, we are not alone, but at times it sure feels like it. October 17th was my day. I have no hatred, there are others to come. I have gotten about 27 calls and emails,and management was good to me. Well I subscribed to your blog and we will get together, cause I be having a little time. You taking them young'uns out for treats? I know they are precious and love grammy. Thanks for thinking of me.