Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who Am I…?

Who am I, is a question that at different times in my life I've had to ponder.
Now in my sage years, everything is beginning to fall in place. I can now understand
why I wanted to have my own personal sage in my unfolding years. Around every bend
in the journey one wants to know, what’s next but there is no rushing it before its
time,when it comes to understanding.

One spends their entire life gathering, just to get to a point of trying to
figure out how it all fits together. There seems to be a lot of time spent on
denying that certain pieces even belong to ones puzzle of life.

I understand the slow-moving river looking at the vast deep ocean with all of its
wonder and asking the question, who am I; what is my meager purpose?

Then the ocean answering; your magnificent purpose is so significant because you
are an offshoot of me,for all those that need the slow quietness, gentleness of
your waters,for reflection, rebirth, rejuvenation, solitude,reconnection and
everything that brings them back to the deep vastness of who they are is part
of your purpose. Just as you come from me and flow back to me, this is a
reminder to all those that seek your presence, to remember who they are and their
purpose as well.

In observing this dialogue I can hear my own echoes so many times crying out in the
darkness, who am I? It is becoming clear now, I am re-membering, re-membering
back to that deep vastness that connects within me to my true identity, almost lost
in all of the busyness, clamoring voices of confusion trying to distract me
from the faint whisperings of you, echoing back to me, you are
mighty, powerful, and majestic
in all that you are!

Come home little one, find your voice within and allow yourself to hear
your roar, to let the world know, oh yes, who am I?

Now, I remember!!

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