Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Say You Love Me…

You say you love me… I dare to question that love when you so passionately refuse to love yourself. I am with you when you question all that you have been graciously gifted with, while still trying to impersonate to please others. It is only I through your love of yourself that should concern you. I am you and you are me, do you not see? In your secret closet you hear my voice but when you go out into the world my voice becomes faint and you quiver with fear of non-acceptance when it is I who still accepts all your beauty just as you were designed. Have you forgotten the beauty of the great hand that designed your every crest? Seek not the approval of others and know that you are as free as the wind and uncontained. It is at that moment in time that you will recognize you love me as I have always loved you, unconditionally.

You say you love me… I say, when you love you, it reflects your love for me.

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Vanessa Mebane-Adebowale said...

Well, Well Miss Bren you have done it again. I certainly can relate to both of those articles. You have touched my heart and soul again with these magnificent work of art. May you continue to bring us your work and many blessings to you.