Thursday, August 27, 2009

Answering The Call

Do you remember the first time you got the call? Did you take it? If so,what did you do? If not,why not? What is next for you? After reading "The Call" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer several years ago it helped me to realize that every day I get a call to action. Then there comes "The Invitation",to live your authentic life! Being true to yourself takes great courage, the kind of courage that sometimes puts others to running. At this stage of your journey some people can't be around you because you are constantly changing to the point that they don't know you anymore. Sometimes, even you question who you are!

"The Invitation", invites you to examine the most inner parts of your being against the backdrop of a world that wants you to be who it defines you as. Will you have the courage to ask yourself the questions that will bring you to that place of knowingness of who you are? Or, will you whimper off into your shell to become the fertilizer for the next generation, never truly knowing who you could have become if you would have just danced?

"The Dance" is the rhythm you hear to your own authentic drumbeat. To hear it is the challenge you are being invited to. It is the challenge we all are invited to and have to face in our journey to wholeness and wellness. Can you hear your own music?Can you feel the rhythm in your life? Are you actively participating in your own dance? You will feel awkward trying to dance someone else's dance but to be authentic and committed to your own, will ignite the fire in your loins to create something awesome!

To take the journey within for me was by route of reading about the paths of others thru the books they wrote. This labyrinth of turns in a circular motion into the depths of my being took me places I never knew were there. Some were familiar and others were a vague mystery but I was intrigued enough to continue. I discovered that timing was everything and to be patient with myself was a must. Being at the right place at just the right time was out of my hands because the "Great Mystery", would lead me into caverns that would unfold layers of my life for me to examine that only "She", could know when I was ready! This process was as natural as breathing but in order for it to continue I would always have to answer the call again when I stopped on the path to ponder and linger with constant analyzing. Would I continue, stop or move on was my choice to make. The demand for more was my constant desire as I started to recognize parts of me never discovered before. I had gotten lost in the demands of the world! Lost in the sea of "illusions", I swam to the surface to gather fresh air to fill my lungs with new life! This would be a starting over to speak my own mind. To hear my own words,my own ideas,my own self, my voice is what I finally heard and now I strive to stay in that place of authenticity. To not slid back into the sea of "illusions" will be my challenge, to break forth and be heard is my rightful claim to my destiny!

I dedicate this piece to my friend and fellow writer Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Call, The Invitation and The Dance. I would like to thank her for being the microphone to the world and asking me to answer "The Call"!

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