Friday, August 14, 2009

“Dem Punkins Gone South!”

Looking at the pictures the girls started laughing, while going through them at the kitchen table. “What are you girls laughing at”, I hollered from the living room. I couldn't hear myself think, and I was working on a new thread that had just started to flow to me. They know I hate interruptions, but just like little kids, they still need mama's attention even though they are grown women now! Mama, did you have on a bra in this picture with the grandkids at the zoo! Yeah, but you know “dem punkins done gone south girl”, I hollered back! I could hear them just falling out with laughter at the table. I love to hear them laugh, and especially now that I can laugh with them about women's issues. Growing older gracefully with laughter about things that just don't hold the same importance now is a wonderful freedom. Of course, they don't think I have changed a whole lot since we have always joked about the natural aging process. My mother was a very good example in that department too. She certainly knew how to make lemonade out of the lemons in her life. When she had to remove a breast from cancer, she told the doctor to take both of them because she didn't need them anyway! Why come back for a second procedure, she said and plus the imbalance didn't suit her. She got the artificial ones but never used them any more than she used her false teeth. Being comfortable was what mattered to Mama, and “take me as I am”, was a must or leave her alone! Wow, she sure was a good example without a lot of words. That's why my kids loved her, just as much as I did, because she was about keeping it real. Boobs are for feeding the babies and entertainment she would probably say. Well, I ain’t feeding babies, and I sure ain't trying to entertain anybody. Sooo, I guess I'll just buy a good sturdy bra for when I won't those punkins to stand up; otherwise, they can just head down south for retirement, with no complaints from me! Of course, for years to come and generations after these pictures, they will continue to tell the stories to the women in our family; to not sweat the small stuff when nature takes her course, just roll south with “dim punkins” and enjoy the journey.

(This serving is dedicated to my mother, who taught me, in the midst of the fire to come out flaming and head for the kitchen to make some cold iced lemonade from the lemons I'd been given and everything would be allright! I pass that gift on to my children that they may pass it on to theirs!!)

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Frank said...

With, without, north, or south, I knew your mama loved me when she wrapped me in her arms - just one of the things she taught me.... fx