Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letter to Whitney

It's 4 a.m. and I'm on my way to work, when I realized I haven't listened to your new CD in its entirety yet. Putting it in the CD player and listening to your comeback Million-Dollar hit, I am clapping my hands and crying at the same time with shouts of hallelujah, welcome home sistah! I can't even explain the joy in my heart as I listened to the soulful sultry lyrics coming out of my speakers because I have pumped it up a couple of notches! Suddenly, I realize I am riding through sleeping neighborhoods and out of respect I bump it back down a couple of clicks. I'm feeling your heart through the vibrations flowing from your lips. It's a soul to soul experience that feels like I'm right there with you. I'm at a time in my life as a woman of 53 years and I know what it's like to go through something. It doesn't really matter what the experience is or one's caliber of status in life, it’s all connected through the web of our interconnectedness just by the essence of our recovery. It's all about losing oneself in their journey to an experience that feels real in the moment but waking up one day to not even recognize the person in the mirror. The real joy is in the comeback. To be able to recognize in one's life that it is time to do it for me, is a realization in itself that it is time to rise up from the ashes, like the Phoenix. Real women do not stay down; they get up in their own time, with strength beyond natural vision. Unless you've been there, you can not recognize the experience. That's why we journey, to tell our stories. Many of us hear our stories through your music. I tell mine through my pen as my microphone. I feel you my sistah and I just want to shout out to you, welcome home, Whitney Houston!

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