Friday, October 23, 2009


“I am just sick and tired of this teacher! Every time I think I have written a good essay, she just complains about the structure of my sentences or the punctuation as if the way I talk is not correct”, Sherri says to herself standing in the foyer of the house while hanging up her coat. “What's wrong baby”, grandma says reaching out to hug Sherri. “Grandma, I am sick and tired of Ms. Smith! I can't write anything to please her no matter how hard I try”, she says. How did you ever get beyond your teachers “know it all” attitudes! Well honey, I had a loving grandma just like you waiting on me to get home to stroke my heart and remind me just how great I could become. She always reminded me that God had a bigger plan for me than any man or woman could imagine. Now mind you, I think the teachers are part of God's plan to help us realize just how big the plan is. Maybe it's the humor of God to use them to push us hard enough that we will surpass their vision for us.

I remember one time I had a professor in junior college in a refresher English course that would push all my buttons, no matter what! There were things I learned from her that I still use today. I ran into her about five years later in a grocery store, and she asked me if I had published anything and if I was still writing? I said yes and that I still think of some of the things she mentioned in her class. She told me that I inspired her to get back to her writing and she was working on getting a memoir into print. I blushed with amazement that I inspired her! That's when I heard a voice in my head; God's voice to me was that this would be my calling. I would be guided from within to inspire others through writing.

So grandma, you're telling me that I could be an inspiration to Ms. Smith. Yes, you could be honey. Take your time and try to let her in to see how she wants you to present yourself through your writing. Sometimes a teacher is rediscovering their passion through your love of writing. Remember, they are trying to prepare you for whatever you say is your desire. Okay grandma, I'm going to try your way! Good, I think with a different viewpoint, you will get different results. Now, tell me what has you on edge today?

It seems that every time I turn something into Ms. Smith she finds something wrong with my sentence structure or punctuation! Who made all the writing rules anyway and why is there only one way to get it right? There is a whole world of people that speak the way I do, so why can't I write the way I talk? When I change everything to suit the English teachers it doesn't even sound or say what I want to say to the people I'm talking to! Grandma, how did you get to write the way you wanted to?

Well honey, first I discovered who my audience was and how I didn't want to sound. That was by years of being in a job of running after stories that weren't about what I wanted to talk about, but it did pay my bills. I came to a point in my life, where the one position for the best reporter/writer was not worth the effort, because their goals kept changing. That was when I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and determination to do what I really wanted to do, which was write books about people's lives.

So, grandma, are you saying that I should focus on what I really want to do? Yes baby I am, however, you have to lay a good foundation to hold up those big dreams of yours. What are you having a challenge with? My teacher wants me to try my hand at fiction. I don't know if I can write a story that's not based on facts. Yes you can honey, just think about all the stories that happen around you every day and write about them with your own characters turning the story around the way you can imagine it. Be creative with the resolution. So, you mean in the same way that you have always told me to write my own life story the way I see it or the way I would like to see it in order for it to manifest. You've got it honey! Just let it flow and then you can polish it up in the rewrite. Your teacher gives you the tools to create your stories, but you are the one that creates the magic. Remember honey, the teachers will come and go as you need them in your life. You have the task of figuring out the lesson they bring to you and mastering it. So grandma, do you think I can become a great writer like you one day? Honey, I think you will become even better, because you will build upon everything I share with you of my journey.

Thank you grandma, you have been a big help. I will give my teacher a chance to show me new things so that I can expand my experiences to reach potentials, I might not even be aware of. That's my girl! Now, you are mastering the secret of not allowing anything to stop you from obtaining your goal. You may not be able to change the wind but you can adjust your sails. By the way honey, can I read your essay when you finish. I would be honored grandma!

The End

I am dedicating this serving to my wonderful teenage grandchildren to never allow anybody to steal their matter what...their Master Plan is for them to discover and fullfill. May they always just "Adjust Their Sails"!

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