Saturday, May 8, 2010


I've chosen again to feature one of the pieces my friend "Sam" wrote this month titled "Crossroads". During all the business of summer and my writing assignments it is a blessing for some of you to share your recipes of life from your kitchens. I truly appreciate your servings and that is our purpose here @ "The Writers Cafe"...sharing the love of recipes. Please enjoy the servings and offer up your encouragement to others.

We've all been here
or one day will be
A crossroads in time
is looking at me
Where did it all go
the time that's behind
How did i get here
what will i find
From the past and the present I hear them say
you can do anything only you stand in your way
Leaving from here the path that I'm on
the past is my bedrock it's all that I've known
I can see the future
and I know where I've been
I stand here today with only a grin
A cross roads in time yeah that's where I'm at
going to step off that ole beaten path

Samantha McBryde

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