Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well friends, here we are again sitting at the writer's Café. Just thought I would order up a cup of my favorite coffee, kick back and do a little chatting with you. There's been a lot going on around the world recently and in our own small little communities. Even in some of our small little worlds. As I listen to the conversations of those that I come in contact with, not only do I recognize tremendous issues of fears around everything from the escalating cost of gas, the oil spills in the Gulf or anywhere else that the horrendous acts of exploiting others can take place. The questions of how much more can mother Earth take before she will finally get us all back, never ceases to amaze me. Are we so small minded, that we can not see the harm that we're not only bringing to others, but that we're bringing to ourselves because we’re not willing to stand accountable individually or collectively for the acts that take place around us. Even our own very thoughts dictate the outcome surrounding us. But do we take responsibility for those thoughts, and the power that they hold as we exclaim them to the world?

Recently I have been paying attention to what my intentions are for my life as well as for the entire humanity around me. As I take the time to reflect back on my life, I realize how many things I manifested into my life simply by the way that I believed and what I spoke about. I know that there are those that are skeptical about this kind of observation. However, it is an honest observation that I have made of me and for me. There is no denying that, because it is my story. I do believe that everyone has to write their own life story and that is the reason that I created the Writer's Café. My intentions were to encourage others to do the same. I have come to realize that it takes great introspection into your life and your surroundings to be able to tell your story, separate from the beliefs that bombard you every day in the media and your families and the stories that surround you along with your spiritual communities. However, it is a task that you have to take upon yourself, I believe, in order to truly find your authentic self.

There is a lot of talk going on about discovering your shadows and what affect they have on you and all those that surround you. This is not a new psychology. However, I do believe that it is about timing, that it has become so popular. I also do believe that there is a time and place for everything. I have quite often myself felt at many times that I was born before my time, as people would say back in the day.

There is a lot of talk going around about creating a new world attitude. Well in my original business of cosmetology, I can remember many times creating new attitudes of those that sat my chair, simply just by creating a new do! Trying on something new certainly caused a many client to "high step" out of the door with courage and a sense of new purpose. Just by trying on something new the clients got what they needed to get out of their ruts. Just maybe that's what our society needs; to try on, a new do! I've been thinking a lot about what it would take to really turn things around and I think if we are willing to dig around in the dark to face our deepest fears and our shadows it would surely be a good place to start. Our country as a whole has a lot of shadows, which causes us as individuals to also had shadows from being a part of its history. Accepting the responsibility for our part in that legacy is a place where we can begin. It is not a place whereby we have to end.

Creating a new paragraph in history, to not only think differently, but to act differently is an individual’s responsibility of process. Forgiveness is a good place to start, because until we can forgive ourselves and others we cannot move forward into new thinking. What will happen is the same old story will keep popping up its ugly head to ask the question, “whose fault is it?” If we're always focused on “whose fault is it”, there will be much valuable time lost in working on the solution towards greater unity. Life is about relationships, yours, mine and everyone around us. In order to understand relationships, we have to understand ourselves. I don't know about you, but the more time I spend on trying to understand myself the less time I have to worry about others and their shadows. I have been learning that the more I pay attention to what affects me and in return, how I affect others has caused me to care more about why I think the way that I do. I ask myself constantly, is my thinking productive for my highest good and for those around me.

This process for me not only begins at home, but it carries over into the workplace and into the larger community of where I live with the people I come in contact with, be they friends or strangers. I'm discovering that when people conform to their fears, they stop living. It's like holding your breath, nothing else happens. Fear causes us to not see possibilities. When we cannot imagine possibilities we can not create and if we do not create, we die. Death is not something to fear when you are finished. I don't know about you, but I definitely know that I am not finished. Therefore, if our hearts desire is for things to change, we have to get back to imagining. A lot of us have forgotten; what the mind can conceive and the heart can believe the body can achieve. The mind cannot conceive anything it cannot imagine, so, my question for you, as I sip the last drop from my cup is;

“What can You imagine that your GOD can imagine for You and all those You love?” Then, IT IS SO!!

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