Sunday, September 26, 2010


Turning onto the boulevard the rushing memories came flooding back to my memory of blasting radios and filled sidewalks of men and women letting off steam from months of the life they were trying to escape by fleeing to the beach. It was an exciting time back in the 70's and 80's at Atlantic Beach, S.C. The beach was better known in South Carolina as the "Black Beach" among the locals. As I reflect on my memories while driving down the dying out of yesterday to make way for another tomorrow, it was like stepping back into time. My stories, I'm sure would be quite different than my daughters family who still operate one of the few business' left standing from years gone by of a more flourishing time economically.They are still standing amidst the transition of the inevitable which brings a smile to my face as I approach the waterfront property. Where once their view was obstructed by surrounding buildings, they now can open the side doors from their club to look directly to the wonderful oceanfront. What a blessing I shared with my daughters aunties to have this magnificent view. I was thinking to myself that their tenacity has paid off to just be able to wake up in the mornings to this site. There are so many people that would die for it and some have. I am grateful to have shared memories with these wonderful souls that have encouraged my spirit to never give up.

I was one of the few Caucasians that braved the imaginary barriers erected by our society back in the day to frequently visit this blast of the past location. Little did I know at the time; to experience memories that would prepare me to survive many storms. There were some really tough experiences as well, however, through prayer and releasing of old energies by continuing to visit the area, I still come back to the admirable memories. What I really admire the most is one of my daughters aunties that in stature is no bigger that a minute but she has remained an icon in her own right as a survivor of every storm that has come her way. Her dreams of hanging on, "No Matter What", has paid off. She is still standing and as I drive up to her establishment the memories come flooding back. I have always admired her stamina when everyone else gave up, she was still there with a smile. She has never changed in that and has always been ready for business. Over the years I have rode down this fading beach memory but she has always still been here with a loving smile and embrace to remind me that she is still standing. There have been many ones over the years that have tried to trick or connive their way into her space and heart to cause her to fall but she always manages to come through it all. It is because of her wisdom and strength that we all can ride back down "Memory Lane" to see she is still standing strong, waiting for us to arrive and with her warm smile to welcome us. She'll have good food, drinks and music to take us away from our cares temporarily while we reflect on yesteryear's gone by that few of us shared in memories of this ole beach with her in our memories but she also inspires each of us to be strong,to have tenacity in achieving our dreams and to move on them when the timing is right is a major key but most important in this wisdom message is , to never give up! I appreciate this fact the most; that it is her tenacity that has always inspired me every time I've came back for a visit to this wonderful place in my memories here at Atlantic Beach, S.C.

I realized as I walked the beach that the only thing in life that holds us back from our dreams is our fears but when we have the faith of our ancestors to still have vision for our tomorrows and tenaciously not give up, we can attain those dreams step by step through moving forward in our minds. After returning home I had a dream where I was on the beach inviting a group of young people to come over the sand dunes to visit the historical "Atlantic Beach" and as we crossed the dunes there were business' everywhere on this small piece of "The Strand", booming with excitment! Just like it was when I was a young teenager of only 16, with the patio open to a new generation of dancers enjoying the outdoor sounds of music and there amidst all the excitment was my daughters auntie, still standing, still smiling! I woke up knowing that everything is ok, everything is in Divine order and I am blessed to have shared the memories.


Yvonne said...

My "coming home" feeling arises deep within my heart when I follow Highway 211 to the waterfront in Southport, NC. Although the landscape has changed over the years, the feeling has not. And while the trees are no longer heavy with hanging moss, the streets are no longer filled with familiar faces and there is growth everywhere, my memory is of that quiet little fishing village where one could escape the hardships of life. Upon leaving, my body was always rejuvenated and my spirit renewed. My thirst for "perfection" was always quenched for the next few months.

Thank you for sharing your memories of your "escape". Isn't it wonderful to have these memories stored in a place where mankind cannot rob you of them?

Sacredflower said...

...@Yvonne...I feel you in that every time I go to the coast I catch myself reflecting on a slower time when there were moments of quietude and sacredness abundantly. I am glad that I have special places where I can still find that sacredness:-)!

Sacredflower said...

Posting for Pam:

I just got a chance to read your latest story - it is beautiful, as usual.
It is always interesting to go back in time and relive memories. Some memories are happy and some painful, but they all make us who we are today.
Sounds like you needed to rejuvenate, so glad you were able to relax and enjoy Atlantic Beach and your relatives.
Love you,