Saturday, December 25, 2010


It all began when I was only twelve years old. I wondered if I was the only one that could possibly question this thing called racism. In the neighborhood where I lived I saw all kinds of people every day and never considered that there were rules of behavior that just could not be broken without great repercussions. It wasn’t until that awful day, April 4, 1968 in Raleigh, NC when I saw the Purina Dog Chow Plant burning on TV and heard about the curfew on the city that had everyone off the streets by nightfall, that caught my attention that something terrible had happened which would change my life forever.

The television was broadcasting on every channel that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated on a balcony in Memphis Tenn., where he went in support of striking African American sanitation workers. Dr. King was in support of equal rights for every individual was what I heard and this thought caused me to start noticing everything surrounding me that maybe I had not noticed being white and possibly sheltered from such actions that I was unaware of. I realized at that moment that everything is not as it appears or that just maybe one doesn’t even know what they are looking at until it is defined.

I began to question everything after this day of terror in America. As I look back this was the first terrorist attack on America for me. Up until this point the only terrorist I had known was the terror I had experienced from the men in my mother's life. I never realized that there were people around me that had a lot of terror going on in their life as well. From that point in my life I began to question truth and who was trying to tell it. I learned that the journey of truth can be the greatest quest one will ever take. When you hear ones such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah, and many others that I have studied along my journey in quest of truth for myself it leads one back to the Source of all truth that resides right where you are was my discovery. This “source”, is internal was my revelation and everyone has their own opinions of “how to” make the connection so that one can be directed in their steps. For me, the beginning quest was initiated when I experienced an untruth that was horrendous enough to make me question every thing I had known and experienced up to that point. I am eternally grateful that this awakening happened early on so as not to have so many layers to have to unfurl to be accepting to fresh new possibilities. Of course this wasn’t without consequences of being outcaste by all those that thought they knew me! However, looking back over others that quested for truth this seemed to be a pattern, so who am I for it to be any different. Forty-two years later and still counting I am not surprised that this has been the Greatest Journey ever!

I have always been one to enjoy history as a trail to pieces of the puzzle towards understanding how everything has come together up until this point. Of course, I also discovered that depending on who is telling the history and their freedom to do so as to how they processed it or interpredeted it, can alter the truth for those that follow. Again a little glitch in truth telling. Being a writer I quickly realized the power of the pen to alter people's minds as to the plot and purpose of a story. Investigating this thing called truth is not a task for the faint at heart but I have also learned that if your intentions is for your own personal freedom you will be guided by the mystical hand of inquisitiveness towards your liberation. This true found freedom is not something magical you can pass onto someone else however, when inquired upon one can toss out mere morsels to cause one to venture on their own inner journey towards their fates destination of enlightenment. This personal investigation of truth for me has led me on many trails of unchartered waters whereby, I have held on at times for dear life and at other times I have floated to bask in the sunshine. Every moment has been well worth the ride because ultimately, the journey has been where all the growth has been towards personal freedom.

Recently I have embarked upon the adventure of internal Yoga. I don’t consider myself by no means to be an expert on anything however, I do see the value in experience for oneself, rather than riding on the stories of others. This journey so far has reminded me much of the necessity of stillness to appreciate the miles traveled. Through my many travels I have been able to truly appreciate the exposure to others experiences and stories attained. It takes a willingness to be still in the task of integrating these experiences with your own to figure out what it all amounts to . Over the many years of observation I’ve come to realize that to see life bigger than your own takes great courage. Now, as I begin to see life all over again through the new fresh eyes of my grandchildren life brings on a whole new perspective. Being entertained by their drive to be creative, is a joy within itself because as we mature we have a tendency to forget the power of the imagination and it’s ability to create whatever you can imagine. I am blessed to be surrounded by so much expressive energy to create, create, create new beginnings!

This is a whole new chapter of my life to take part in the “New Beginnings” of a whole new society of fresh new possibilities and to accomplish the dream that so many others have resonated with. This “World Family” that has been spoken about for centuries is upon us, passed down for us to embark upon it’s possibility and all we all have to do is get out of the way for it’s unfolding. I am so excited to be a part of The Greatest Journey!

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