Saturday, December 18, 2010

When You've Got Faith

There have been many times in my life when the conversation around the table has been about, "when you have faith". However, the most profound times have been when my children remind me of the journey we all have experienced and recognizing that it has been because of our faith that we have much to be grateful for.

This year has been one that I would like to send out with this message of, "When You've Got Faith". My daughter reminded me the other day that when people are broke, faith is the only thing that they have to hold on to. I had to laugh, thinking to myself that I've known lots of people in these past few years that have had to depend on their faith and they don't think of themselves as broke. However, my other daughter reminded me that "broke" wasn't just in a material way, OK, I get that!

That brings me to the thought of what out faith is made up of. For me, it's all about the experiences in my life whereby there is no other explanation for my very existence other that something much bigger than me carrying me through it all. There has always been moments in my daily life that bring me to constant confirmation that I have so much to be grateful for. I do have to admit that because of my brokenness starting out in this life it created the environment for me to quest for answers from a much higher source. I learned to trust my inner GPS system early on in life and I am guilty for encouraging my children to do the same based on the great results I experienced. I also felt a great freedom within myself to experience this sincere connection to my faith.

Faith for me is very tangible because it's such a powerful part of my personal story. I hope that for every person that has had to trust their faith this year, it has been a powerful experience and will empower each of you to trust, dream, hope and believe in yourself that you can reach all of your dreams. May every day bring you closer to the reality of the power of your faith and I look forward to many "recipes of life", that you offer up to all of us from your "Writers Cafe" within. May the blessings of this season of gifting bring you all the joy of your hearts as you share the gifts of your spirit with others.

Remember, when you've got faith, you've got the best gift that anyone can possibly receive.

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