Friday, April 8, 2011

A Woman's View on Government Shutdown

Today I decided to chime in on another attempt of government to make a decision based on a few people's views (mostly men) about what they feel is the best interest of the country as to how our (my) tax dollars should be spent. Along with this decision they are willing to create more costly expences on our now recovering economy to satisfy their ego's based on a religious view of abortion.

Their lack of a bigger view of Planned Parenthood just troubles me because not one single man can experience the ramifications of giving birth to an unplanned pregnacy or delivery of a child that is not supported or wanted by it's mother. This is a view that is shared by a lot of women that can afford an abortion and would like other women that may not be offered the same choice. The reason a lot of women do not speak out is because it is a personal choice that can label one as heartless which is far from the truth. One's religious view about the subject is a freedom that we are afforded in this country and now is the best time that women can step out on their views as to how our tax monies should be best spent to serve all women regardless to their understandings or experiences.

It is time for the women of our country to speak out to stop the rediculous ramblings of government as to what rights we should be afforded through how our tax dollars are spent. This is an issue that pertains to the rights of every woman and that battle is part of our ancestry sacrifices of the brave women before us. We are the Masters of our body and our choices, not government. Just as all the other tax monies spent without our support or approval, this is just one more that is directed clearly at us and used by religous leaders to force women into submission to their rule.

I say it is time for the muzzel to be removed from all women, to be heard concerning the rights that have been afforded us through the sacrifice of others regardless to our financual standing. This is the hour that all women can make a stand to go forward by being heard and to unite to lift our voices together. Stand women...lift your voices to the Unity call of equal rights for all women to have choices. This is a call about opportunity...not right of life! Life is never-ending but opportunity can dissapper at the hands of a few when you allow it!

Now is the time to unite for opportunity to never be removed. Don't allow the smokescreen to blind your view as to what is the real issue. We shall not be blinded or used by the few we have placed into office to decide our fate without a good fight. Stand and be recognized...let those you supported hear your voice!!

I looked up the definition to government in order to understand who should decide what is right for the individual and that clearly helped me to decide...Me!

Main Entry:gov*ern*ment

1 : authoritative direction or control : RULE
2 : the making of policy
3 : the organization or agency through which a political unit exercises authority
4 : the complex of institutions, laws, and customs through which a political unit is governed
5 : the governing body
–gov*ern*men*tal \*g*-v*rn-*ment-*l\ adjective

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