Friday, September 9, 2011


This has been a Summer of great expectations! I have experienced the presence of a guru from India named Sadhguru. Being in his presence in McMinnville,Tenn where the Ashram is has been the experience of a lifetime. I have journeyed all over this country but nothing has met the experience of the realness of this Teacher. Oh yes, I can hear the voices already; she has lost it this time, however, I am not one to take this "Teacher" thing lightly!
For those that have known me, they know that I not only trust my intuition highly but I also do my homework. One of the things I like about Sadhguru is that he is upfront and real about "how to" get it! It is only by giving of yourself 100%(which is mostly what I have because it hasn't been finances this go around) into anything, that you will get your desired results. I have always known that when you sit on the bleechers watching the game, it is no where like being in the game as a participant. When you are actively involved it does take you away from the distractions of the goal.Even though you may want to win the game it isn't about the game. How you play the game to win is the mystery of winning because you have won when you participated. This is something I've always shared with my children...just play the game I will be your biggest cheerleader because I understand the power of actively playing. As a child my mother and I were always just trying to survive. There was no time to play and that is why it has been a tough road for me to see the value in playing. I think a lot of people are that way in our materialistic society, of course, how else could you pay for all our "toys"? The "toys" aren't the's the value we place on them in our lives and our obcession with them. When we have no time for joy, play and rejuvination then we are out of the delicate balance of wellness. When the di-ease of your body trys to alert you with the aches and pains to change direction are you too committed to the goal at hand or can you shift is the question? I've learned this summer that the shift may be the answer to many alerts I've been given to do more than just survive. With all the experiences I've had in my participation at Isha I am excited to welcome Sadhguru back to America that I may have the honor once again to be "In His Presence".

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