Friday, January 11, 2008


Hi everyone. I guess it's appropriate to say Happy New Year. For me, it’s a new year, a new day, everyday, because every moment is the beginning and end. A yesterday, a today and a tomorrow are all in the same moment. Therefore this moment is what is important. So, I'm happy to have it with all of you. It has been a busy time in the kitchen. It is finally time to serve up one of my latest recipes. I hope you enjoy it and I hope all of you have been cooking up some of your own. I'm looking forward to taste testing some of them. Serve it up!!

If someone asks you the question, when is enough, enough for you? Just tell them when I no longer ask why, and seek answers, and then it will be enough. I feel that it is by Divine design that we seek to know. There are lots of people that do not want to answer questions either because they do not know the answers or because they have something to hide but that doesn't make you wrong for asking. I have asked so many questions in my life of others that a lot of the time, I know they hate to see me coming, but that's okay. I know that all of the answers come from a source much bigger than any of us and humanity has even tried to hide answers as they flowed from the reservoir at times, for their own selfish desires. I believe that no matter how someone or organizations try to hide the truth, it will come to the light in due time to reveal itself, because the purpose of life is to free oneself. If I was to look at slavery as an example I would take note that generally when people are taken into slavery the slave owner tries in the beginning, to bind up all the knowledge of their plan. The slave owner tries to make the slave abase themselves to make them believe they don't deserve any better. Then, when the slave begins to ask questions, the slave owner gets furious because they know that this is the beginning of them losing their grip on that one's slavery. The more that slave asks questions, the freer they become, because when you dip into a well that has no water, you go to one that does. When you have that first, fresh taste of that cool life-saving element (water), your life is renewed and you will always want more. When a soul gets a taste of freedom, there is no turning back. When any part of the story is left out, it is not enough to have just some of the parts that someone else decided is important for you to be free. Ask the question, when is enough, enough for you. When you have a constant flow in the river it refreshes the soul to partake. Don’t let anyone stop your flow of seeking just because they can't or don't want to give you the answers. Ask yourself, what is the source of their motives to not encourage you to find the answers you seek? I don’t think any of us have all the answers, and that is why no one has the right to dictate another's soul’s journey toward fullness. Keep open your flow and switch directions if it means filling your cup for the partaking of more awareness. Ask yourself if you are the master of your destiny this year or are you the slave to someone else's destiny. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find. Don't be discouraged by what you may find because the truth will set you free from the darkness. As you find your light, share it with others because we all are in this together, but sometimes we only walk with the Master. May you make the decision this year for yourself, when enough is enough?

This piece is dedicated to my cousin Salli Beth,a Rose whom was cut too soon but will always be in my memory.

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