Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day that was worth pondering. He was sharing with me that he had his wife to sew a patch on his leather vest to make a statement about something he felt strong about. The patch read, “I Love Lesbians”. I thought that was a very bold statement to make coming from a man very sure of his sexual identity. After having a long conversation with him, I realized quickly that he had a lot of strong views that consisted of his desires for unity through diversity, which also had always been my life theme. He knew a lot of people that were diverse in their views on life.He knew gay couples, interracial couples, couples with age differences etc… This was a man in his late 50's that refused to allow other people's fears and ignorance due to lack of knowledge of something to put him in a position to be judgmental or to persecute another person's personal choices.

We talked about people's desire and inquisitiveness into other people's personal choices to reveal them, for what purpose? Do people want to know another person's choices because of their own personal motive to pursue or try to just judge someone to avoid their own issues? I grew up learning from the guys that normally when someone was in pursuit of something they would ask as many questions as possible to plan their strategy, to win the task at hand, which was to conquer their prey.

Curiosity has its purpose as well. I feel that to gain more knowledge about something it’s best attained when one takes themselves to the source of their curiosity and ask questions. When one asks questions from the proper source, they can make decisions that are proper for them personally and align themselves accordingly. I realized after talking to my friend that he had done that for all the right reasons and was satisfied. I respect him for his endeavor and his conversation was truly enlightening.

I had to laugh when he shared a story with me about a time he wore his vest to his son-in-law's for dinner and was questioned about the patch. His reply was, of course I love lesbians. I ain’t mad at them, because they are appreciating the same thing I am, the beauty of a woman. I realized that his son-in-law may have taken that statement on a sexual level, but I would be willing to bet that if his son-in-law took it to a deeper level of conversation he would discover this man's insight of the real beauty of a woman, (which therein lies much deeper than the surface pleasures of life),the wisdom shared would broaden his views in a life changing way. Thank you my friend for a conversation to ponder.

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