Friday, August 10, 2007

On A Breeze

Walking into the room already created a relief from a week of anxiety. Standing there admiring the peaceful colors and the sounds of soft music from the CD made me realize I should have done this a long time ago. She walks in with a warm smile and introduces herself. She tells me to get undressed of everything except my under ware and lay on the table, that she will be right back. I undress and slide under the lavender sheet, then exhaled! Her name is Mandy, she's tall and her energy feels very kind. She comes in and starts to talk to me about the areas I want her to concentrate on. We start talking as she pulls back the sheet one leg at a time. The oil glides ever so smoothly over my legs and with every stroke it feels like heaven. I think its been about three years since I have pampered myself like this. Working her way up my back I started to quieten and fall into the movements of the oil onto my skin. I start to drift and say to myself, oh my Goddess Within, every woman deserves this treatment. I briefly think of my two daughters, one a school teacher and the other a Customer Service Specialist for a Home Health Business. Both of them need this treatment as much as I do. This world has so much stress on our jobs and within our family life just trying to survive. This service should be offered by companies and they would get much better service out of their employees. When a person is relieved of stress they are much more productive. When Mandy moves to my shoulders and arms I am drifting in and out of my body now. Would I stay or leave was the question, forty-five minutes into the massage I felt myself in Greece, enjoying this moment as if I had experienced it many times before. I could feel the waves off the music, the moment was taking me away, peacefully and Bam! I was gone! Ten minutes later Mandy was waking me to inform me that where ever I went I needed to go. That was the most relaxing experience I have had in a long time. To all my girlfriends I would say, go out ASAP and get a deep tissue Body Massage, you deserve it! Travel in your memories to a beautiful, peaceful, quiet place of Serenity! I'll meet you there!!

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Anonymous said...

Way cool! Actually lifting out of the body is something else. You are absolutely right about massage. Very necessary. I take this advice seriously.
Keep up the self-care