Monday, August 20, 2007


Walking through the Fire

Coming in contact with something inside of me for the first time was a startling experience. I can remember traveling across the country in an 18 wheeler and burning up with a temperature to the point that my co-driver took me to the doctor. I didn't feel sick but if you touched me I was hot as fire. The funny thing was I was reading about a spiritual technique called fire walking before I fell asleep. My co-driver had stopped for a break and touched me to see if I wanted to go to the bathroom while we were stopped. She hollered that I was burning up. We went to the doctor but as I thought she couldn't find anything wrong. After we checked into a hotel for the weekend I went to take a hot bath because my spirit was telling me to get into water as hot as I could stand it. That was odd, but I did it and the temperature broke. I could hear my spirit tell me that I was being prepared to walk through the fire! How fitting! Looking back I can see the hot spots in my life. Through several experiences I have come to understand by researching and listening to other women's mystical journeys, how normal I am! There have been so many untold stories of women and the metamorphosis states of their lives. Why have we been so silent, I have asked myself? There were times in a lot of our lives were we just did not want to rock the boat. Sometimes just keeping things to yourself can be very profound, however, that is something I have not mastered. I have acted just like all my experiences are perfectly normal and shared with almost anybody in my path that would listen. My children have gotten the lengthy details. My grandchildren even more so because I don’t want them to forget the precious jewels locked inside of themselves. It has been stated that after three years old, knowledge is stored away in the brain until that stage of your life has unfolded to understand. For some people I am sure that day never arrives in one lifetime. Then there are others who want more than they can digest in one sitting, that is me!

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