Monday, August 20, 2007

The Writers Cafe/ Nite Out 8/20/07

Tonight was off the hook!! We (Allison,Deneen,Karen,Yvonne,and myself) did some serving up tonight at the Cafe! I was really excited to hear all the great stuff you girls have been stirring up. I must say that I have really got to come out of my bag next week to keep up with your energy. It's such a bounty to share with all of you and I feel that this workshop is going to cook up some great things for the triad community. This area is in need of lots of outlets for everyone to have a place for expression. There is something much bigger in this effort to cook, at The Writers Cafe and I hope you all feel it, as I do. Good Soul Food is prepared with lots of love and that is why it wins so many friends. It is my honor again to be in the kitchen with all of you loving cooks. Until next week, keep stirring those pots! Love and Spices, Bren

P.S. To all of our other sister writers, we missed you tonight, so may you know that our hearts and pens are with you as you hold up the mike to give and receive your ingredients for future servings. Peace be with you!

Tangela, faithful servant, our prayers are with you my sister at this time.

The longer I am a writer --- so long now that my writing finger is periodically numb --- the better I understand what writing is; what it's function is; what it is supposed to do. I learned that the writers pen is a microphone held up to the mouths of ancestors and even stones of long ago. Alice Walker

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T said...

To all of you Master Chefs-Thank you for keeping the flames burning!
I would say that I am a gourmand for the tasty word morsel and you guys are stirring up a fantastic feast! Can't wait to get back in the kitchen, but right now, the dining room is smokin' hot.
Peace and Love,