Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Writers Cafe

The process for creating "The Writers Cafe", has been brewing for several years and many miles. I have always encouraged others to have a vision and to find their voice within that vision. Reading and research literally saved my Soul as well as my sanity. I came into this world with the first thought and word being, why? I have been in disagreement with most of the ideas I've encountered along my journey. As a child I always thought the adults were very slow at seeing the solution to our divisions or just didn't care to be a part of it. Then life happened to me and I really began to understand that it really took balls to change. Thank goodness courage comes easier in your youth, because if you practice it a lot while you are young, it gets much easier to not quit as you mature. My goal in this endeavor is to create a safe place for others to cook for however long it takes to get ready to serve up their own recipe to the world. How one paints their picture or flavors their dish has got to come from the depths of their Soul in the secret chambers of ancient memories. I hope that I will have the honor of testing many appetizers.

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