Tuesday, September 4, 2007


In this moment, I know you feel like 1,000,000 miles away from everyone but in essence we all are in the same neighborhood! Do you feel me?

Your current address is only a temporary residence not an explanation of who you are or where you are. You are where ever your mind takes or leads you! Do you feel me?

We all are just passing through. Whether we are in the Valley or on the mountaintop, it is temporary. Check out the view. Observe, meditate, and reveal! Do you feel me?

We shift where we are every moment that we breathe by our thoughts. Life's mystic journey has many turns in the road that can come up at any moment. It is how we handle the curves that determine whether or not we survived the experience! Do you feel me?

Traveling life's road requires careful observation for the signs along the way. Going too fast may cause us to be taken by surprise and throw us off course. A good driver with balanced skills can compensate and regain balance to survive with little damage! Do you feel me?

Being unprepared for life's curves can cost one their lives but many times one is spared to tell life stories that will provide maps for the next traveler to see the bigger picture! Do you feel me?

Often times it is in the chaos and confusion that one is able to gain clarity of view. Do you feel me?

When the dust has settled, and the way is made clear, after we have regained control, we can see where we are truly going. Do you feel me?

In the bigger scheme of things, we all are only temporary residents where ever we are! Change is inevitable! Do you feel me?

By: Brenda Williams

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