Sunday, September 23, 2007


I'm back!!!!!! Wow, is almost all I can say! Just kidding, you know me, I never run out of things to say. I'm just getting back, actually about an hour ago, from my 3 1/2 day spiritual retreat and I am bursting at the seams! Just imagine as you drive thru the gate of about 496 acres of nothing but beautiful trees with several lakes on the property and you haven't heard the best part yet. About 1/2 mile hiking trail and you come out of the trees onto the ocean front. Heaven, right! Yup, you guessed it, that's where I've been! At least, that's my interpretation of it!I arrived there on Thursday about 2:00 pm, went out and bought some groceries to put in the wonderful communal kitchen and then checked into my cabin. Oh, it was so adorable, it was called; The Tree Room, how perfect for me since I love trees and I champion them all the time! The atmosphere was so wonderful, finally my soul was at home and at peace. I took this retreat to cook up some stuff in the kitchen to serve up to all of you when I got back and as you see I can't wait to start serving. I met some wonderful friends there in the kitchen cooking up their own viddles for serving! The stories were unbelievable and soul stirring from all over the world. From my heart center I would like to send out lots of love to my new and old friends there at the retreat: Jeff, Nancy, Barbara, Wayne, Will, Wilbert, Donna & Mike, Anne, Jonathan, The Volunteer Staff in Service , and to all those that I don't remember their names, Baba does! I hope that everyone will remember to take time out for your spirit everyday and take special retreat times for your total self to reflect on the real stuff that may be missing from your life so that you can be reminded how special you really are! I have refreshed my soul now I feel like I can really soar! I did go to Charleston, SC, Friday for a 2 hour introduction to Sue Monk Kidd (one of my favorite authors) before her Writing Workshop began on Sat, but I explained to her I would be at the Retreat Sat & Sunday taking care of some serious business; ME! Well, that's all for now so I can unpack!

Submitted by: Brenda Williams/Sacredflower @ The Writers Cafe

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